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How To Find The Best Ceramic Tile Installer For Your Project

How to Find the Best Ceramic Tile Installer for Your Project

Finding a qualified installer for your new ceramic tile flooring can be hair-raising. If you purchase your flooring from an approved dealer like Brentwood Flooring, you should be able to get it installed without any difficulty. That’s because we use trained and experienced teams that have the necessary expertise under their belts. If you do it any other way, however, you’ll have to look for some or all of the following attributes.

Check Certification

While formal qualifications aren’t required in most states, hiring someone who can prove they know their business has its obvious benefits. There are various non-profit organizations across the country offering third-party assessment of installers, and some like International Certified Flooring Installers Association (CFI) are members of the wider World Floor Covering Association (WFCA). For 25 years, the CFI has provided estimating, installation and inspection services for various types of surfaces, including ceramic tile flooring. The WFCA also brings a strong code of conduct to the industry, which can set your mind at rest about the reliability of the contractor you choose.

Enquire About Expertise

As with most home improvement projects, it’s vital to choose an installer for your ceramic tile flooring who has worked in a similar setting before. We’ve all heard the horror stories about how easily those expensive ceramic tiles crack and break when installers attempt to cut them to fit, without the right tools or experience. Before you enter into an agreement with an installer, ask for details of previous installations, the types of sub-floor, the choice of ceramic tiles, and the results they had in the past.

Get References

Nothing beats getting personal references, and these days it’s even easier with digital communications at our disposal. When you have a particular installer in mind for your ceramic tile flooring, ask for contactable references you can approach for endorsement of the contractor. Make it a point to follow up personally by emailing, calling or even perhaps visiting the site where the tiles were installed. Your ceramic tiles are not only high value, they are intended to transform your home into a place of beauty with all the benefits that go with them, such as waterproofing and durability for children and pets.

Look for Yourself

When you’re there, look at how neatly the installation was done. Ask the homeowner if they experienced any problems, either during or after the installation. Find out whether they hold a high opinion of the installer, and if not ask why. Be aware of the risk that the “referrer” could be a friend of the contractor, and also try to judge when negative comments are the result of personal discord vs. professional issues.

Read Online Reviews

While face-to-face reference checks are obviously the best, there’s something to be said for a company that manages to generate online reviews. Forget the theory that most of them are fake; it takes a lot of technical know-how to fake a review on a site like Yelp or Angie’s List. Even Google and Facebook make it very difficult, because the poster is identifiable as a real person with a real profile. So someone would need to spend days and weeks creating and fleshing out fake profiles, and all they can do is post a single fake review from each profile. It simply isn’t viable for anyone to go to that trouble, unless they have a full-time staff member just doing their fake reviews.

For more information on purchasing ceramic tile flooring, or to get help finding the best ceramic tile installer for your project, please contact Brentwood Flooring America at Raleigh: (919) 617-9327 | Cary: (919) 794-6239.

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