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How To Pick The Best Flooring For Pets In Your Home

How to Pick the Best Flooring for Pets in Your Home

Dog and cat ownership is almost a rite of passage in most American homes. Children are raised from a young age to appreciate and enjoy pets, and often caring for the family pet is one of the first responsibilities a child learns. Statistics from the American Pet Products Association show pet ownership was at 68% of households in 2017, which translates into around 85 million homes. Many of these are keen to discover the best flooring for pets, which also works for the family.

So what’s the best flooring option for a home with pets in residence? It’s not only about durability, with the comfort of both pets and people high on the list. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.

Pet-Friendly Carpets

These are still the coziest options, especially for bedrooms and family rooms. Soft, luxurious pile simply isn’t practical with pets, primarily because of the risk of their nails becoming caught. This can damage both the carpet and injure the pet. If you really must have carpets anywhere in your home, it’s best to go for synthetic fibers such as olefin or nylon. These are tougher than soft wool or silk carpeting, and if you choose a neutral shade that won’t show dirt as easily you’ll have a lot less cleaning to do. Stainmaster carpets, in particular, are one of the top choices for best flooring for pets. These are ideal for pet-friendly homes because they have a breathable moisture barrier that helps stop substances penetrating the product. This makes them easier to clean and protects against odors.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

It might seem like ceramic tile is the obvious choice, but this can be chilly for all residents of the home. If you have an aging pet, you might find him (or her) struggling not to slip on ceramic tiles, or feeling the hard surface in elderly joints. LVT is a great solution to all these problems. It’s attractive and affordable, long-lasting and highly resistant against moisture, dents, and scratches. In addition, you’ll deaden the sound of your pet’s nails clicking against the floor. The LVT comes in easy-to-install sheets and has patterns that resemble stone or wooden floors.

Laminate Flooring

While natural or engineered hardwood is currently all the rage for summer 2018, it can be impractical for pet homes because it sustains scratches and dents, and can get damaged by liquids if they remain for more than a few seconds.

For homeowners who want that wood look, laminate flooring is also one of the best flooring for pets choices. It has a layer of sealant that makes it scuff- and scratch-proof and is less expensive than most other hard flooring types. The high-gloss sealant layer can be slippery, but most laminate is available with a textured surface to help everyone in the household avoid sustaining a fall.

With pet ownership such a big part of family life, it’s essential we consider our pets when it’s time to install new floor surfacing. For more information or help making your selection, please contact Brentwood Flooring America for a free estimate.

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