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Hardwood Flooring Raleigh, NC

At Brentwood Carpets Flooring America, our professionals don’t just sell carpets. We also offer professional installation of our superb, custom-designed hardwood flooring. We retail a number of different types of flooring specially designed for both residential and commercial locations. These include:

  • Prefinished – This is one of the most frequently chosen hardwoods. Prefinished floors are installed only once the wood has received a coating of protective finish, which ensures it offers a durable and long-lasting design.
  • Solid Wood – This type of flooring consists of a single piece of hard, reinforced wood. These can be refurnished over and over again through the years, which ensures that solid hardwoods last a lifetime.
  • Engineered – This comprises many thin layers of wood that are connected together. As such, engineered woods deliver strength and durability for your hardwood floor.

The hardwood flooring section of our showroom features the following types:

  • Bruce,
  • Armstrong,
  • Anderson,
  • Design Distinctions,
  • Downs Performance Hardwood,
  • Grand Forest,
  • Floorcraft,
  • Impressions,
  • Chesapeake,
  • Triangulo,
  • Mullican,
  • Hearth & Home,
  • Impressions,
  • Baroque,
  • ProLex,
  • Kahrs, and
  • Columbia.

Choosing to install hardwood flooring is not a decision most homeowners take lightly. With the help of a specialist from Brentwood Carpets Flooring America, you’ll reach a clearer understanding of the complexities of each type of hardwood floors, and be able to make an informed decision. Please complete a free price quote form on the left to begin the process of beautifying your home’s interior.

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