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Choose a Co-op and Put Money Back into Our Community!

At Brentwood Carpets and Flooring America, we are part of a national co-op that consists of more than 600 members. Did you know when you buy from a local co-op 60% of the money stays in our community? And as a co-op with huge buying power we are less expensive than the National Home Centers!

Sales Staff

  • Over 80 Years of Combined Experience
  • Two Interior Designers on our Residential and Commercial Flooring Staff


  • Two In-house Warranty Service Men
  • Prompt, Courteous, Expert Installers


  • Raleigh’s Only Stainmaster Flooring Center Offering the Industry’s Best Warranty with “Platinum Plus” Carpet
  • Custom Rugs & Binding Done in Our Own Warehouse

Free Estimates

Lifetime Labor Warranty on All Residential Retail Jobs*
*Excludes Property Management, Commercial, & New Construction

  • All Carpet Jobs are Power-Stretched
  • We Don’t Charge Extra for Tack Strip & Metal Transition
  • Our Labor Prices are All Inclusive
  • We Do Not Charge per Piece of Furniture!
  • Superior Service

We have been in business over 40 years! Our Residential and Commercial Flooring company’s motto in 1974 was (and still is) “All our efforts seek one aim, a satisfied customer”

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