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Loops, Friezes, Patterned Carpet, New Soft Types of Carpet & Much More!

It’s vital to understand the basics about carpeting, because this will enable you to make the right choice for your home. Your selection depends on your budget and lifestyle, as well as other factors.

Cut pile: This remains one of carpeting’s most popular options. Cut pile gets its durability from the type of fiber it’s made from, the density of the tufts, and the degree to which the yarn is twisted. The twisting enables the yarn to retain it’s shape longer, which makes it an ideal option for areas that get high traffic.

  • Textured Plush — This is one of the most decoratively versatile carpet types in existence. The raised surfaces help to hide marks caused by traffic and vacuuming. These carpets are perfect for the whole home and ideal for busy households.
  • Saxony — The elegant and refined surface of this carpet works well with traditional interiors, particularly living and dining rooms.
  • Friezé — These yarns are subject to extreme twisting, which creates an informal look reminiscent of curls that helps to reduce the impact of foot prints and vacuuming marks.
  • Plush (Velvet) — This dense, luxurious carpeting is ideal for low traffic areas and formal rooms, because it shows footprints and vacuum marks easily for a live-in look.

Level loop pile: This style offers loops that are the same height, to create an informal look that is long-lasting for high traffic areas. Level loop pile is used in multiple Berber styles, which contain popular flecks of dark shades on lighter-colored backgrounds. This is a good choice for both contemporary and cottage furnishings.

Multi-level loop pile: Several different loop heights are used in this style, which creates a patterned appearance, offers good durability and gives it a more informal look.

Cut-loop pile: When you choose either a cut pile or a loop pile carpet, you’re limiting your options more than you need to. The cut-loop style combines both options to create various types of surfaces. These include effects such as multi-colored, sculptured squares, swirls and chevrons, which help to hide soil and stains.

New Soft Carpets

Soft is in!! The new soft fibers are not only extremely luxurious, but durable too.

  1. TruSoft from Stainmaster: An extremely durable line of carpets from Stainmaster, the company that started the stain resistant revolution in carpet in 1986
  2. Silk made by DuPont: The softest of all the new fibers! The fiber uniquely uses corn by products as part of its formula. No carpet spotter needed. Cleans up with just water
  3. PurSoft from Dreamweavers Carpet Mills: Made from solution dyed, continuous filament polyester. Soft and Durable AND extremely affordable!

Facts on Carpet Fibers

Fiber selection affects carpet end use performance. Manufacturers are a valuable resource in determining the fiber and construction most appropriate to the application. These are the basic types of carpet pile fibers.

Nylon: Nylon carpets use two types of fibers, namely a Nylon 6 and a Nylon 6.6. Some of the features of these include:

  •  A range of color schemes,
  • Luxurious, soft “hand”,
  • Excellent resilience,
  • Exceptional durability,
  • Resistance to abrasion, and
  • Retention of texture.

In addition, this type of carpet offers good stain and soil resistance and is recommended for all types of traffic. Solution-dyed nylon delivers excellent color-fastness, and stains are easier to clean.

Olefin (polypropylene): Some of the benefits of Olefin are the inbuilt, permanent resistance to water-based stains, colorfastness and the ability to withstand static electricity. Olefin is also able to resist moisture, which makes it the first choice of fiber for use in indoor/outdoor carpet.

Polyester: This material offers a luxurious soft “hand”, built in stain resistance with permanent properties and manufacturers are able to create attractive, bright colors. In addition, it has good fading and abrasion resistance and is exceptionally easy to clean.

Triexta: Our Triexta carpeting also  features the same luxurious, soft “hand”, great colorfastness and warm, bright colors. Homeowners can benefit from the material’s inherent, long-lasting stain resistance. Other benefits include strong durability, good resistance to fading, easy cleaning, retention of the material’s texture and good resilience.

Wool: This is a natural fiber, which is notable for its luxury and long-lasting performance. Features include a soft “hand”, high bulk texture, lots of color variety and inbuilt flame-retardant abilities.

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